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The Fat Cat : A Modern Day Forex Strategy

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A profitable trading strategy is the most important tool for a trader.

This book explains a powerful trading strategy for trading the forex market.

When trading “The Fat Cat Strategy” you'll know when to exit even before you enter the trade. So, you know exactly how much to risk on any given trade which is essential for precise position sizing and money management. This keeps trade management to a minimum. It's easy and simple.

Do NOT buy this book if you Are Looking For The “Holy Grail”.This is not the “Holy Grail”. When trading “The Fat Cat Strategy”, there will be losses! Losses are part of trading. The goal of this book is to help you win more then you lose.
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    Fkh chaosmembuat kutipan3 tahun yang lalu
    We look at the night sky and start connecting the dots.
    Fkh chaosmembuat kutipan3 tahun yang lalu
    The human mind is hardwired to seek out patterns in everyday life. We don’t have to be told to look for patterns it’s just something our minds do automatically. This is why we find patterns in the market price. Randomness and uncertainty makes humans uncomfortable, finding any kind of pattern
    Fkh chaosmembuat kutipan3 tahun yang lalu
    Applying my indicators to the close would not give me any useful information, all a close tells me is where the price was at the end of a certain time period

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