Jill Shalvis

Instant Gratification

When a beautiful doctor butts heads with a laid-back mountain man, the spark is undeniable in this romance by the New York Times bestselling author.
Dr. Emma Sinclair sharpened her skills in a fast-paced New York City ER. Now she’s happy to spend a summer running her father's clinic in the Sierra Nevadas. In the quiet town of Wishful, California, Emma treats bee stings, stomach flu, and Stone Wilder—a patient who’s almost as irritating as he is irresistible. Emma can’t stand the way he laughs at her…or get enough of his mischievous grin.
As co-owner of Wilder Adventures and Expeditions, Stone knows how to treat a fish out of water. When he tries to help Emma loosen up, he pictures white-water rafting or scenic mountain hikes. He never bargained for an intimate encounter. While Emma is sure she has no place in a town like Wishful, Stone knows that belongs here—in this town, and in his life. Convincing her is a challenge he was born to take.
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    have to clean the wounds,” she repeated. “All of them.”
    Oh, Christ. Dr. Barbie? Try Dr. Evil. She wasn’t backing down, and rather than suffer the in
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    h, Christ. Dr. Barbie? Try Dr. Evil. She wasn’t backing down, and rather than suffer the indignity of letting her—or even worse, TJ—take down his shorts, he did it himself, and then lay there buck ass naked with his eyes closed. “I feel so cheap,” he muttered. “You didn’t even buy me dinner first.”
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    TJ looked up at Emma. “So what do you think, Doc? Four stitches? Five? Twenty?”
    “Oh, God,” Stone muttered, sweating profusely.
    “Maybe we should just amputate at the neck, what do you think?” his soon-to-be dead brother asked with a crooked grin. “I could sit on him for you.”
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