Hilary Crawford

The Day I Fell Off My Bicycle

Many people have described Hilary as being “brave” and “courageous”. Hilary describes herself in this story as someone who just got on with living her life. Two very important aspects of Hilary’s character were her ability to live life and her overwhelming love and concern for her fellow humans. Despite all the problems she faced and the extreme level of her disabilities, she worked hard to build the most satisfying and fulfilling life possible.
This was not something new, a character trait developed as a result of her accident, rather it was something which has characterised her whole approach to life. Life may not have been easy, but it was for living. Hilary loved people and was deeply concerned about their welfare. This love was a dominant factor in her working life. One of the things she regretted most after her accident was that she could no longer continue working as a nurse helping other people. Despite that, loving and caring continued to be important aspects of her life. Both of these aspects of Hilary are very evident in this book. I hope you enjoy reading The Day I Fell Off My Bicycle.
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