Sengli J. Damanik,Tony Whitten

Ecology of Sumatra

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The Ecology of Sumatra distills for the first time the information found in nearly 1,500 scholarly works relevant to an understanding of the full range of natural and man-made ecosystems on the island—many of them available only in Dutch, German or Indonesian. It was originally prepared by a team working at the Centre for Resource and Environmental Studies (CRES) at the University of North Sumatra to supplement existing documents. This new version is aimed at general readers and includes a section on recent development on Sumatra, as well as an additional bibliography of recent publications. It contains hundreds of line drawings, tables, maps and photographs.It is hoped that The Ecology of Sumatra will prove useful to resource managers, ecologists, environmental scientists and local government personnel, and be enlightening to Sumatra’s inhabitants and visitors. It should also be of great interest to anyone wanting to learn about Southeast Asian biology.
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