Mike Harvey

The Anchor

An object by means of which any construction floating in the water is attached to its position is called an anchor. An anchor provides stability, a settled, predictable position in a random flow of currents.
Beginning with a simple rock connected with rope to a boat, man has continued to engineer the anchor to include teeth and greater and greater mass. Today, the anchor is an integral piece of equipment that can secure the largest of vessels. In fact, these devices are so important that ships now have multiple, specialized anchors for use depending on the situation.
As long as there have been vessels on the water, man has recognized the need for an anchor. However, in man's personal journey through life, the recognition has not come so easily. Since creation, we have been drawn to live as if we do not need an anchor in life. We push, pull, fight, focus, meditate, and operate as if we control life's current. We believe our boat has been engineered to handle the water without an anchor.
At some point, in some way, every human will recognize the need for an anchor. It may happen alone in the quiet of a hospital room, with the only sound being the beep of the heart monitor. It may happen as life unravels before one's eyes. It may happen as one realizes the undeserved gifts they have received. But, make no mistake, the realization of the need for an anchor will come. We must have something to steady the ship.
And so it was with me. I needed an anchor in life-something that would bring me stability when the journey made no sense, when the water was shaky.
Outside of my personal journey, I lived through rough times in our nation, such as 9/11, when many lost their lives suddenly, unexpectedly before my very eyes. The world was at war, people were mad and confused, nothing made sense. And then there came the financial crisis of 2008, when many lost their fortunes overnight and took their own lives. People lost it all, and with it, they lost hope in the future. And, COVID-19, the unprecedented pandemic in my lifetime. All events rocked the world causing fear, anxiety, and hopelessness.
Fortunately, I discovered that priceless anchor for my soul. Looking back, it is very apparent that I would have never made it through this journey of life without an anchor. I needed something to steady my ship, as all these events happened suddenly, unexpectedly, with no advance warning. So many things were out of my control.
And, I suppose that my future will be the same. Many uncontrollables lie ahead for me. Many abrupt currents and changing tides are coming my way. However, with my anchor, I am now prepared to face the future. No matter the situation, the abrupt twist, the unforecasted storm, I can cling to my anchor to steady the ship.
The same will be true for you. Events are coming that will rock your world. Money, friends, faith, self-created gods, personal relationships, popularity, business, athletic prowess-nothing in this world will provide stability. You need an anchor that will steady the ship.
In a world of uncertainty, with many uncontrollable situations coming our way, I hope that you begin to discover the anchor that is there for you, the anchor of your soul.

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