Chuck Miller,Brett Talley


1816 was a year unlike any other and without question it shaped the decades and centuries to come.  Most believe the palatable bland narratives of their history books, however the true explanations behind the various causes and events of that year were far more horrifying than they could possibly realise.
Stories told from alternative and unexpected viewpoints and situated from all around the world ensure that this anthology is both unique yet still holding true to the overall core values in terms of the atmosphere, entities and timeline established by HP Lovecraft and expanded upon by his inner circle of fellow writers in what has been termed the expanded Cthulhu Mythos universe.
This anthology offers the breakthrough collection of stories that fans of the genre have been waiting for, a collection that is more than just rehashing the same ideas of grizzled private investigators defeating cultists or deep ones in the overly saturated time period of the 1920s & 30s.
Twelve fabulous five thousand word Mythos inspired short stories, one per month, filter true events through a macabre mythos lens and attempt to reinterpret some of the years most significant events that shaped the world.
A fresh line-up of authors, both seasoned veterans and aspiring occultists, ensure that although the time periods of the twelve stories may be the same, the locations, settings & narrative perspectives will not.
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