Sue Lester

The Face Within

What if the source of your pain and unhappiness is your unconscious blueprint? Would you like to know how to quickly identify and change that internal blueprint so you could be more confident with better relationships?  At work and at home?
The Face Within is an effective guide to smoothing your path through all areas of your life. It helps you to gain the absolute clarity, authentic confidence and inspired motivation you desire.
+ Do you ever struggle to feel 'grown-up'?
+ Have you have lost the 'I' in your L_FE?
+ Are you tripping over head-trash and self-sabotaging chances for happiness and success?
The solution is simple. Your internal image, your 'face within', is the blueprint of your unconscious mind. When it's out of alignment with your chronological age you can experience anxiety and self-doubt.
This unconscious programming can impact on your ability to build a successful career, attain financial security, develop healthy safe relationships, conceive naturally, parent effectively and maintain a healthy weight.
In 'The Face Within' Sue Lester reveals how to identify and adjust your unconscious blueprint so you can change your situation at home and at work. (Plus clear head-trash in all areas of your life!)
This book contains:
+ The ideal combination of powerful mindset shifting techniques,
+ Practical exercises,
+ Fascinating stories and inspiring case studies,
+ Access to BONUS resources and a private Q&A with the author
About Sue Lester
Sue is a catalyst of change and an adventurer at heart. She travels the globe exploring ways of helping people break through their boundaries, clear their head trash, and let go and grow.
In demand across the world as a keynote speaker, mindset coach and healer, Sue inspires and facilitates the mindset shift from self-sabotage to self-motivation with individuals, teams and audiences.
She researched the existence and impact of our unconscious blueprints, and most importantly, how to change it for good, as you discover the face within.

Q&A Interview with Sue Lester
Q: You have an interest in dysfunctional relationships, and you write about what may be the cause of dysfunctional family roles, so, what inspired you to tackle such a big area in this book?
S: I've always been interested in conflict resolution, and finding new conflict resolution strategies. Helping readers understand the underlying causes and therefore solutions to the conflict have to make the world a happier place.
Q: Are some of your stress management case studies in the book a blend of many examples, or mostly individual situations?
S: Often it's best to talk about stress management techniques and give specific examples.  Sometimes the clients need protection, especially when they are in a dysfunctional relationship, so I’ve changed identifying situations and names. Other times it is a combination of situations that are best explained in a single case study for clarity and space.  I’ve well over ten years of case studies to draw on.
Q: What do you hope the reader will be most inspired by from reading your book?
S: The big one is the awareness of the existence and impact of your unconscious blueprint in relationships and family dynamics, and that there are simple solutions for this in most instances. Of course, I hope each reader puts what she learns to good use and creates more happiness and better relationships at home and at work. Stepping into your personal power, and taking responsibility for your own happiness has to have a positive ripple on effect across and down the generations, all over the world.

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