Robert P DeGroot

Trance Formed Body: Use self-hypnosis to control your weight, size, and shape

This unusual book is written using dialogue format and tells the story of two couples, as they work with a hypnotherapist, to learn how to use self-hypnosis to trance-form their bodies.

Trance is the easiest way to open a direct communications link with your subconscious mind which ultimately controls your weight, size, and shape.

You can simply read along and go into trance with them to learn how to use self-hypnosis to get the body you want.

• Read the scripts to go into and out of trance with your eyes open.
• Change your body image from what you've got to what you want.
• Minimize stress-caused belly fat with effective coping strategies.
• Make the right choices by transforming motivators into attitudes.
• Replace obsolete blocker beliefs with new supportive beliefs.
• Redirect the power of your fear center to protect the body you want.
• Access your internal resources to get your trance-formed body.
• Win the mental game of weight control at the subconscious level.
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