Nurys Harrigan Pedersen

Career Mapping for Nonprofits

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This guide facilitates the connection between nonprofit employer and employee and makes the hiring process practical, easy, sustainable, and effective.
Career Mapping for Nonprofits shows how a simple tool like career mapping can help make a team stronger, happier, and committed, thus allowing executives to return to the work that inspires them—the work only they can do!
An executive may silently wish for the time when they can refocus on advancing their nonprofit’s mission. They are eager to get back to leading a dedicated team whose members are all going in the same direction at the same time. They are ready to take back their time and create lasting partnerships and bonds with each team member. Career Mapping for Nonprofits can help leaders do just that.
Talent management and staffing expert, Nurys Harrigan-Pedersen shows leaders how a simple tool like career mapping can help them take their time back and guide them to create a highly engaged team. Leaders learn to spend less time dealing with personnel issues, how to lower turnover dramatically, and how to cocreate each team member’s career map. The result is a work environment that is efficient, satisfying, and engaging, one where nonprofit leaders have made space to guide and inspire employees for the success of all.
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