Ph.D.,Ian Kerner

He Comes Next

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The companion book to Ian Kerner's smash success She Comes First, He Comes Next offers women his sometimes radical, always expert advice on everything from the nature of male desire to sex-techniques that work
Written in the same witty, insightful, and utterly readable voice that has made She Comes First and Be HonestYou're Not That Into Him Either so popular, He Comes Next is the thinking woman's guide to enjoying sex to the fullest and ensuring that he does the same.
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    Anastasiya Glushkovamembuat kutipanbulan lalu
    having sex is probably the best, sometimes only, path to achieving a true sense of intimacy with a romantic partner
    Anastasiya Glushkovamembuat kutipanbulan lalu
    but it’s also well known that aggression and orgasm are linked in men.
    Ingridmembuat kutipan2 tahun yang lalu
    Sex is the one place where, if there’s enough love and trust in the other person’s genuine desire, the sheer pleasure of letting go can be experienced in a concert of all the senses, which is not only sexually cathartic, but can be emotionally bonding in a way unparalleled by any other form of human interaction.
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