Karen King

King Mentality

Your thoughts become your reality and directly influence how you feel and behave.  Isn't it time you take control of your thoughts?  Are your ready to transform your thoughts and get all that life has to offer you? Would you like a better career, more money, and better relationships?  This book is for anyone who believes they were meant for more than the status quo.
Through stories and practical tips King Mentality will help you to:

Transform your thoughts and get the life you deserve
Achieve higher levels of success in your personal and professional lives.
Connect the dots in life to discover your purpose.
Identify and change self-defeating behaviors that keep you stuck.
To unlock your power and become the hero of your own story.

Changing your life requires an open mind. As you read the chapters, participate in the provided exercises to assist you with your transformation. This book was written in four pillars using the acronym K.I.N.G. The first begins with “K” for Knowledge. This section focuses on real-life events and experiences needed to develop a successful life and career. In chapter one, “Self-knowledge,” you’ll discover a process to uncover who you are, your strengths, and how to it relates to your overall success and happiness. Chapter two, “Success is Not an Accident,” will walk you through the process of how you are in control of your achievements; and to continue, chapter three teaches on the goal development process in having a game plan for your life.

Pillar two is “Impact.” You will learn how leaving a mark on society builds a living legacy. But first, you must learn to connect the dots to identify your life’s purpose (discussed in chapter four). The third pillar is “N” for Navigate. This section analyzes various routes in navigating obstacles and experiences we encounter on life’s road. Chapter five, “Get Out of Your Own Way,” looks at self-defeating behaviors that block your success and intercept life’s blessings. We learn to formulate self-care processes into everyday living, face fears, and turn self-doubt into confidence. Lastly, we conclude with “Greatness” as the fourth pillar. You’ll learn how to become the hero in your own life’s story, and how to apply the King Mentality for future success.

Whether you are in need for change or looking for positive motivation, I hope this book will lead you in receiving an increase in happiness, success, and fulfillment. You’ll find by having powerful intentions, and transforming your thoughts, you can shape your reality into becoming your best life yet.
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