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Corporations are slowly realizing the impact of their business on the environment and society. They are also facing increasing pressure from their stakeholders to follow responsible business practices. Many companies are looking to incorporate and manage a sustainable business. However, they are unaware on where and how to start this transition.
This book explains the basics on how to incorporate sustainability into any business. It gives the simple understanding of the concept of sustainability, and the basic approaches to identify, implement and measure sustainability in any business.
Through the various examples given in this book of various industries, readers can identify which aspect of sustainability to adopt in their business, and the various steps that can be taken for its implementation and management.
This book aims to simplify and explain corporate sustainability to professionals, students and businessmen from all industries!
What Others Say:
This book by Dr. Charu Jain, Simplifying Corporate Sustainability: A Guide to Implementing Sustainable Practices, comes as a lifeline and breath of fresh air for anyone who would like to have a 360‐ degree view on sustainability in a lucid manner. In this publication, she brings to the fore her understanding of the subject and her experience therein, combining her educational pursuits and her practical work for many years. The book beautifully blends in the theoretical aspects and various elements of sustainability, along with the metrics and best practices, to implement and improve on the same. The inclusion of case studies and real‐life examples helps the reader to better relate to SIMPLIFYING CORPORATE SUSTAINABILITY and understand the core of the subject. Its relevance to successful businesses is what distinguishes it from other publications, which tend to delve solely on the philosophical and environmental aspect, which incidentally also stands covered herein. My compliments to Dr. Charu Jain for capturing the above in this publication, and I hope it can motivate many organizations and individuals to weave in sustainability into every aspect of their lives.
Happy reading!
Dilip Raghavan Chief Editor‐Publisher Colour Publications, India
Dr Charu Jain has attempted through this handbook to remind the readers about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) that nations have to aspire for and achieve before 2020. Sustainability strategy is to be carved out to manage and measure it to enable environmental foot‐print measurements. I am sure that the global industry system shall make this as a handy tool‐box for human resource development through this simplified guidance document for sustainability practices to corporate responsibility for ensuring sustainability on our planet. Wishing all best reading experience,
Dr TP Rajendran Former ICAR‐Asst DG (Plant Protection) & ICAROfficer on Special Duty (NIBSM) Visiting Fellow Research
Information System for Developing Countries
“Sustainability” & “CSR”, once cliché words as "nice to have” on the company agenda, have moved today to the “must have” essential focus of the industry. In her book “Simplifying Corporate Sustainability,” Dr. Jain, with her vast experience, adeptly explains the fundamental understanding of this concept and then proceeds to the steps that need to be taken to implement and monitor its efficacy. This book is for corporates and professionals who would like to begin their journey in this area.
Ullhas M. Nimkar (M.Sc. Leeds, U.K., C. Col; FSDC, FTA), Chairman and Managing Director, NimkarTek Technical Services Pvt. Ltd.
To save the natural resources and restrict the environmental pollution in different areas is the biggest problem before the world. Dr. Charu Jain has done the great work by authoring the book to manage sustainability in all spheres of life.
P. K. Jain Civil Engineer and Business Management Academic
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