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Summary of All Fall Down

Summary of All Fall Down by Jennifer Weiner | Includes Analysis

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Chapter 1

Allison’s five-year— old daughter, Ellie, is difficult to manage. Allison’s husband, Dave, is a writer whose career has stalled. Allison writes a popular blog and is the primary wage-earner in the family. There is friction and stress in their marriage. To deal with all of these problems, Allison turns to prescription painkiller pills.

Chapter 2

Dave sleeps in the guest room. When Ellie gets in bed with Allison during the night, Dave sneaks back into the bedroom to join them in the morning before Ellie wakes up. He does not want Ellie to know they are struggling. Ellie accidentally wets the bed. Allison is late starting her day because she has to clean up the mess. She takes pills to deal with the stress. Several different doctors prescribe pills for her.

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