Barry Shore,Dick Larkin

The MAGIC of Everyday Giving

This is the true story of Barry Shore, a tech entrepreneur who was stricken with a rare neurological disease that rendered him a quadriplegic unable to move anything but his head side to side and Dlyted, the platform he built with the dream of giving a billion dollars to worthy causes without costing supporters a dime.

The story is told through a conversation between Barry and Sarah Hembree, Development Director of New Life Church. While Barry is very much a real person, Sarah is a fictional amalgam of a dozen or so people who are responsible for raising money for their causes, clubs, schools, and churches. By making Sarah a fictional character, we’re able to be more accurate, descriptive and transparent while not accidentally disclosing personal information that wasn’t intended for publication.

The MAGIC of Everyday Giving is primarily focused on helping causes raise money as opposed to helping people become givers. Don’t worry. If you are interested in giving without using your own money, we will show you how.
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