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“Looking To Start Your Own Catering Company?” “Ready to work for yourself in the catering industry?” “Ready to learn the ins-and-outs of the catering business?” This Practical Guide Is Designed For Those That Might Not Really Understand The Science Behind The Catering Business and How It Works and Are Looking To Gain A Complete Understanding Of This Fun & Potentially Lucrative Business. Believe it or not, there are proven and effective strategies on getting your catering business up, running and successful in a short period of time. And I give them all to you within this guide. You will finally learn how to: Plan, Start, Operate and Manage a successful catering operation through time tested, practical and efficient methods.
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    What institutional catering includes is the government agencies and institutions throughout your community. These include schools, hospitals, community buildings and more.
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    You may end up catering events for a more private group.
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    Social catering on the other hand is for smaller groups of clients and typically not for big companies.

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