William G. Fitzpatrick

The Sales Management Toolbox

Management training helps sales managers realize they are the key to their own success. Because many managers rarely receive any formal training subsequent to assuming their position, this book explores techniques that will assist them in effectively directing the activities of their sales team. Specifics covered include goal setting, basic and reinforcement training methods, time management and planning. Material incorporates techniques to overcome the prime consideration of managers who still must maintain personal sales activities while leading a sales team.
You will discover a whole range of practical ideas to build and improve the performance of your sales team. This book is designed to help you transition into the position of sales manager, and if you are already in the position, it will provide you a whole range of ideas on how to improve performance in every aspect of leadership and management.
You Will Learn How to:
• Develop a Strategic Plan Toward Success
• Manage Production Efforts for your Entire Team
• Recruit a Sales Team that will Stay With You
• Manage an Office Effectively
• Provide Enlightened Leadership
• Develop Goals that Get Results
• Train your Team Effectively
• Use Awards and Recognition to Reach your Goals
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    Bjørn Stenfeldtmembuat kutipantahun lalu
    Many new managers in the sales business rely on their own tried and trusted methods. After all, they were successful in sales, that’s why they were given the chance to move up. It’s simple really. All you have to do is get everyone prospecting, making sales presentations, closing lots of sales, and you will be a hero. If everyone does it the way you tell them, your operation will break all sales records. Sound easy? Well it is for some people. Some newly appointed sales managers jump right in and apply the basic techniques that brought them success in the past and they immediately energize their sales team.

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