Dana Aynn Levin

Hollywood Princess

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Malibu, Aspen, Beverly Hills! Private jets, fast cars and designer clothes! Celebrity parents, celebrity friends!

If you’re Elizabeth Jacobs, life’s a bitch growing up in Hollywood. You can’t go anywhere with your superstar mother, people always stare, and the paparazzi follow you. There’s only one thing Elizabeth can do – rebel – by escaping to Donnelly College in New York State, J.Crew wardrobe included.

Life couldn’t be better if you’re charismatic Danny Newman, son of a legendary film director. There are A-list parties, the requisite Porsche, and beautiful women begging to be yours. So what’s he doing at Donnelly College?

The journey begins in this first book of a New Adult contemporary romance series when childhood friends Elizabeth and Danny are reunited. While Elizabeth has no intention of becoming one of his one-night stands, Danny is not ready to shed his Hollywood bad boy image. Can Elizabeth love Danny and remain true to herself, or will his reckless behavior sabotage their relationship? Is her love enough to save this complicated young man from his demons?
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