B. Bahramian

Transition to A New World Order

What will today’s world leave behind for the next generation? Educator, administrator and business and technology consultant B. Bahramian shares how the world should Transition to a New World Order with better working and living conditions for all. How can the world reach a better and peaceful New World Order?

Author Bahram Bahramian discusses some obstacles in resolving peace in world conflicts and the effect of “Democratic Capitalism” to bring about prosperity to all nations – instead of “Globalization” for the benefit of financial institutes. In his book, Transition to a New World Order, he explains the role of “Technology + Education + Democracy = Development”, which leads to job creation in any society.

“… Bahramian challenges his readers to do more than just skim his words, nod in agreement, and turn the page. Much like a good professor, he demands that his audience think about what he says and then find some way to take action.” – Mark McLaughlin, ForeWord Reviews In this book, the author addresses current political and economic affairs facing the United States and advancing nations that seek prosperity and developments – in respect to job creation, productivity, and curbing social unrests and upheavals. He explains that for nations to benefit from development programs, they need an integrated and multi-disciplinary system to address social, political and global economic issues. Thus, he demonstrates here the role of Technology Transfer as the prime element of business development and the role of democratic values to safeguard “Democratic Capitalism”.
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