The Psychology of the Esoteric

In this early record of his talks and conversations with seekers, Osho shares the foundational underpinnings of his work in a systematic, straightforward, and accessible way. What does he mean when he talks about “consciousness?” And how does this consciousness differ from the bundle of anxieties, rationalizations, plans, and remembrances that fill most of our everyday thoughts? Does consciousness evolve and grow as we mature, or is it somehow timeless and eternal, merely waiting to be discovered? Or is it maybe both? If free will and awareness of death are what sets us apart as human beings from the animals, what are our responsibilities in deciding what choices to make, both individually and in relation to the world in which we live?

As Osho puts it, “To be or not to be? To do or not to do? To do this or to do that? 'No choice' is not possible. If we do not choose, then we are choosing not to choose; it is a choice. So we are forced to choose; we are not free not to choose. The dignity, the beauty and the glory of humans is this consciousness. But it is a burden also. The glory and the burden come simultaneously the minute you become conscious. Every step is a movement between the two. With man, choice and conscious individuality come into existence. You can evolve, but your evolution will be an individual endeavor. You may evolve to become a buddha or you may not. The choice is yours.”

The intellectual rigor and precision of these talks are reminiscent of Osho's days as renowned debater and university professor. And at the same time, as always in his work, the mysterious, the unknowable, that which cannot be put into words, is honored on every page. Readers who are new to Osho's work will discover the science behind his revolutionary active meditations, and why he feels they are urgently needed for 21st-century human beings. Those who have wondered what all the “sex guru” hype is about will learn how he views sex energy as an essential seed that, rightly nourished, will flower into meditation. Readers drawn to the book by the “esoteric” aspect of its title will benefit from his explorations of astral bodies, kundalini, and the significance of dreams — although some might find a few favorite fairytales and sacred cows challenged along the way. And, last but not least, longtime readers of Osho may find, in this precise and succinct yet comprehensive presentation of his work, the “click” that brings new insight and depth to familiar, much-loved texts.
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