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Do Improvise

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Everyday we deal with the unplanned and the unexpected – from a broken toaster to losing (or gaining) a major client. Our natural ability to improvise gets us through. But we feel as if we’re winging it, rather than acting with courage and conviction. Robert Poynton teaches an acclaimed method to some of the world’s biggest brands and companies. Improvisational skills that an actor might use on stage are honed and applied to the everyday business of work and life. The end result is a new approach that embraces change as a natural process and has creativity and innovation at its heart. With killer games to put the theory into practice, Do Improvise will help you: Become more productive without trying harder; Overcome creative blocks and generate new ideas; Respond fluently to circumstances beyond your control; Inspire and motivate others.Not sure what to do next? Improvise.
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    Anna Biryukovamembuat kutipantahun lalu
    To become both more willing and more adept at flexing, adapting and adjusting to what we have, rather than wishing we had something else.
    Novitalia Kusumamembuat kutipan3 tahun yang lalu
    Everything’s An Offer’ lies in the sweet spot. It falls at the intersection of ‘Notice More’, ‘Let Go’ and ‘Use Everything’. Here’s why.
    To see everything as an offer means to regard everything that occurs as something you can use. To do that, you need to really notice what’s there, not just cruise through life thinking about lunch. In turn, this means letting go of labels, knee-jerk responses or conventions.

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