Jeremy Rudd

4 Magic Steps to Double Profit

This book is about profit and cash; it will help you improve yours on a daily basis.
“An enjoyable and thought-provoking read bringing out a clear focus on the key things for profit that all managers need to concentrate on – whether that’s for a large or small business.”
David Tydeman, CEO OYSTER Group.
This book is fun and thought provoking; it will help you improve all aspects of your business.
“It is a true gift to be able to explain complex ideas simply and clearly and in this book Jeremy does just that. I would recommend ‘4 Magic Steps…’ to all management teams and would encourage a re-read on an annual basis. Too often the intricacies of any business conceal the prime objective and distract management. This book reminds us exactly what our priorities should be.”
Ted Smith, Chairman Tracscare and Keys Care and former CEO of Craegmoor and Embrace.
Follow Squawk’s action points and challenges in ‘4 Magic Steps to: Double Profit’.
If you do, you will!
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