Tony Buzan

Modern Mind Mapping for Smarter Thinking

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This book brings Mind Mapping into the modern age with a bang. Four decades ago, Tony Buzan invented the game-changing thinking tool, the Mind Map. Now over 250 million people are utilising this infinitely flexible tool and its applications have multiplied to span all areas of education, business and home life.

In this latest collaboration with creator of iMindMap software and author of GRASP The Solution, Chris Griffiths, the inventor of Mind Maps explores and defines their relevance today.

You will learn both the theory and the practise of an infinitely versatile technique from the inventor himself and world experts in the field of innovative thinking.

Discover how to update your thinking by using:

— Powerful, practical applications for Mind Mapping in everyday life

— Different thinking modes to find better solutions

— Simple memory techniques to drastically improve your recall

— Daydreaming processes to generate huge creative leaps

With a collective 60 years of research and experience, Tony Buzan and Chris Griffiths will show you how to take the most powerful thinking tool available and use it to turbo-charge your creativity, productivity and success in the modern age
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