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African Grey Parrots. African Grey Parrot Owners Manual. African Grey Parrot care, interaction, feeding, training and common mistakes

African Grey Parrots are exceptional birds. They are intelligent, curious and emotional. They create great bonds with their owners and they generally want to please their owner. They are able to learn words, to understand words and to learn tricks. This might all sound like great fun but they also require your attention.
African Grey Parrots can live up to 50 years with the right diet and medical care. It does take plenty of time and dedication to care for such an amazing pet. Deciding if this is a type of bird you should buy or not is important. Never get one just because they are beautiful or you love the idea of a talking parrot.
As you read this book, you will be able to decide if an African Grey Parrot is right for you or not. All of the following is included:
• History of the African Grey Parrot
• Diet
• Cage keeping and cleaning
• Teaching them to talk
• Teaching them tricks
• Possible health problems
• Finding a vet
• Cost of care
• Toys and puzzles
• Keeping them stimulated
• Possible behavior problems and how to handle them
• Where to buy an African Grey Parrot
• Natural habitat
• Flock mentality
• Bonding
• Reducing anxiety as they get used to their new home
• Safety and security
• Characters and behaviors
• Interacting with other people and other pets
• Common mistakes
• Determining if they are the right pet for you or not
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