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James Williams

Social Anxiety

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    social anxiety goes deeper than shyness. Social anxiety is the fear of being judged in a negative way by others, while shyness is a feeling of being awkward or tense around others. Both have a root cause of fear - fear of being judged, a fear of saying the wrong things, but they each come from very different parts of the mind
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    Every effort was made to ensure it is full of as much useful information as possible. Please enjoy!
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    Have you ever had your mind go blank in the face of talking to new people?
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    You have probably read other books and visited websites to find help for your shyness and maybe you have asked professionals for insight.
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    These strategies may be different from what you’ve read before, but they are all simple and easy to adjust in your daily life.
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    They don’t understand how hard it is for you to simply show up to a gathering and keep an expression besides abject fear or unyielding stress on your face. They don’t comprehend how courageous you are just to be out there, facing the fear that makes your mind reflexively try to fight or flee
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    Positive behavior can be just as easy as negative behavior once you practice enough
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    Don’t call attention to your shyness, either. First, it sets you up with any new people around you to try and take advantage of you being shy. Broadcasting that you are shy is equivalent to wearing “I’m insecure” on a sandwich board in the middle of Times Square. Calling yourself out gives the expectation that you will say something awkward and the people around you would have an excuse for avoiding you. Second, pointing out that you are shy can lead people to expect that you will say or do something that doesn’t present well with your actual self. Many times, shyness is overwhelming in your mind but not visible on the outside, or, at least, so mild that the new person in your group may never even notice.
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    Watch the self- criticism. As a shy person, you tend to be harder on yourself for not participating more or being as “normal” like your best friend than you would be if you were not shy. This also leads to lower self-esteem and a higher risk of depression. Be mindful of the way you talk to yourself.
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    The old saying “fake it ‘til you make it” is still offered as advice today for a reason. Training your mind to lean into a more positive mindset is made easier when you are already portraying yourself as confident. You already know what it looks like to be confident, and even though you might fake your confidence at first, your brain will become attuned to how you are acting and can move easily into that feeling in a more genuine way
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