Aiden Sisko

Powerful Business Thinking

Top producers, High-performance leaders and Captains of industries think a certain way and these are just some of the many ways you can improve your style of thinking, by incorporating their exact modes of thinking! This can help to increase your effectiveness and influence regardless of your type of work, even mattersin your personal life!In different situations, we may need to wear a different thinking cap each time. By knowing the many options available to you, you can thus become more flexible and be exactly what the situation demands of you!CONTENTSIntroduction The Arbitrator Unrestrained thinkers The results oriented thinker The Analyst The Go-getter The rhetorical speaker The master interviewer The implementerThe deciders Can-do attitude Commitment and follow through Time freaks Empathic thinker Catalyst thinking Realist tactician Receptive open-minded Fail forward The principled leader
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