Seb Doubinsky

Fragments of a Revolution

1969: Revolution in Mexico!

Decades later, charismatic guerrilla leader Lorenzo is living in Europe with a young son. Approached by a German revolutionary organization for his account of the conflict, he struggles to recall repressed memories of violence, absurdity, and tragedy. Lorenzo's past returns in Seb Doubinsky's kaleidoscopic Fragments of a Revolution. Raging between moments of ecstatic liberation and quixotic disappointments, what emerges is a manifesto for freedom, no matter the price.

Doubinsky's depiction of the intellectual revolutionary in his reveries is immediately authentic. The visionary pride and bitter humor of the outsider and his misfit cadre are part of the iconography of the guerrilla. Just so, the meticulous dreams undone by adrenaline and unforeseen moments of chaos…
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