Raimon Samsó

Twin Souls

¿Is true love a karmic affair?
¿Is true love made in heaven?
¿Do twin souls really exists?
This novel gives all this answers an more…
Soul mates meet and separate … temporarily. Sometimes love each other in appearance are damaged, always taught. Establish links to drive the triumph of love over fear. Do not ever separate, perhaps another in a physical sense, but not in a deep and abiding. In reality, time and space do not count two souls destined to meet and make your meeting experience that expands. A kindred spirit returns again and again, like a rose sprouts each spring in the same garden. Its petals are different, but the rose is the same…
A novel placed in Santa Monica (CA), based in true facts… in addition this novel. This novel won the new age Robin first edition books, in 1998, and sold tens of thousands of copies. It is considered a reference in the subject of soul mates. And it id based on the principles of the popular book A Course in Miracles.
A must read.
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