Justin Cooper

Marketing is Dead. Long Live Purposing

Marketing is Dead – it died peacefully in its sleep a few years ago. Yet we are still trying to market ourselves in the old way, with disappointing results.
As marketing dies, Purposing takes its place. This book defines a new, intuitive, and authentic approach.  It’s about discovering who you really are and what makes you, your brand, or your business genuinely unique. It’s a step-by-step guide to defining your Purpose and connecting it to a Mission to make a difference for your customers. It gives you access to a unique and powerful business meditation technique designed to inspire you and the people you work with, to help you define what you offer that is authentically different – and in doing so, to attract like-minded customers.
This book is designed to make you think differently about the work you do, providing practical tools to help you stop ‘working for the money,’ and start working on Purpose for the reward you deserve. It is also a book to inspire entrepreneurs, business owners and managers to build their businesses and brands on a deeper foundation of authenticity.
It’s a guide to thinking differently about the work you do, the products or services you sell, and the brands you market. 
Inside this bookyou will find: 
– A technique for connecting to your / your company / brand's Purpose  
– A different approach to marketing yourself and/or your business / brand 
– Fun anecdotal stories from my time in consumer marketing 
– A new, more effective replacement for marketing, called 'Purposing' 
– A free exercise to help you discover what makes you / your business / brand unique 
– Guided exercises to show you how to define your Purpose, Mission, Ideal Client, and a Vision for your future success
Justin was born and raised in England before moving to Australia in 1994. He has spent 30 years working as a brand strategist and marketer for global and SME brands in Australia, the UK, and a short stint in France as a stagiaire. He has practiced meditation, pranic healing and Reiki since 2006. He has brought these two practices together to create a new process that he calls Purposing.
Justin created Brand Purpose Co. to help businesses define and deliver their Purpose through their brands and within their organisations. He also works as a Purpose Coach helping individuals find more Purposeful work and careers.
Justin lives on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia with his wife Lynne, his daughters Katie and Tasha, and Milo the dog.
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