Desmond Morton


Morton, one of Canadas most respected historians has given us a short celebration of Canada with a depth of insight that truly helps us to know one another and all the regions of the country.
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    Even its major cities, Regina and Saskatoon, have not grown so large as to be unmanageable, though they have to struggle hard to find work for their citizens and for the young people from farms and native reserves who seek more opportunity
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    prime minister the province has contributed to Canada, John Diefenbaker, have usually been people of vision and eloquence, with a concern for Canada as a whole as well as for their own community. Of the three prairie provinces, so linked in geography and history, Saskatchewan has been the reformer and the innovator.
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    For all its man-made boundaries, Saskatchewan is a territory where humans are guests, not rulers. It is a land where people, knowing their insignificance in the great stretch of terrain,
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