Henrik J Mondrup

Achieving Change

The secret to developing and delivering online training for employees so they apply their new knowledge and skills on the job. In Achieving Change, author, educator, speaker, and technology expert Henrik J. Mondrup shows workplace educators like you a new and powerful method to achieve real results through online learning. Ready to be at the forefront of a new wave of practitioners exploring how to create impactful learning for a new generation in the workplace? Achieving Change is a must-read for corporate learning designers, faculty, HR, and the learning industry as a whole. What you'll discover in this practical step-by-step guide to online course design that will boost the effectiveness of your employee training and development: • The online learning and course design secrets that have created significant results for businesses, industry leaders, and universities • Why you need more than training management software to create excellent online courses for employees • How to create content for all types of learners and learning styles, including tips for writing scripts for training videos • A compelling learner-centered approach to building effective and well-crafted online courses that incorporate how learners learn new knowledge and skills • Research-driven instructions on how to engage your learners • Beyond the models, research and theory, and beyond theories about teaching strategies, you'll see the practical application of online learning in the real world • Why training employees is important and how leveraging learning theory and technology can help you save time and money • How leveraging learning theory and technology can help you save time and money. Discover Mondrup's proven process for creating powerful online courses and content learners will remember and adopt. Achieving Change combines his extensive research into brain science and learning theory with hands-on experience collaborating with high profile and globally acknowledged organizations. Whether you want to train your employees on safety, cultural, compliance, instruction, onboarding, orientation, technology, or more, via a full-on course or workshop, Achieving Change is about enhancing skills development with digital learning in the real world. Achieving Change will help you become an online learning expert who is transforming the workforce.
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