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    The perfect bite sized book for getting you started

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    A small crisp book, covering all the details. I would recommend this book as first read from Armani Murphys' various books

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    Your money is your #1 employee.
    It is possible to find a passive income outlet that works for your unique circumstances and goals.
    There is no one “key” that works for every person out there. If you’re in search of a key, you have to find the one that truly works for you.
    It’s about more than just finding potential passive income ideas — it’s also about pursuing those ideas in a sustainable way.
    In order to make a success of your endeavor, you need to make sure that your business goals align with your life goals.

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    Armani Murphy presents different Ways To Change Your Life throw online income. Talking about using passive income methods via online channels in order to create a separate, secondary — but potentially primary — source of income. So this is your chance to take care of that first factor. Create and sell a course on your own website. Invest in high-dividend stocks. With online banking and the help of a financial advisor.

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    this is only true if you know where to properly invest your money in order to get maximum return.

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