Doreen Burrows

The Gamekeepers Other Daughter

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This is a journey through Doreen’s life.  The geographical journey takes you from wild and rugged John O’Groats to a village in Kent (for a stopover of twenty-three years); but there are many stops along the way and the author now resides in the beautiful city of Lincoln.

The emotional journey is not for the faint-hearted.  As a very young child, Doreen was left to fight her own battles, which were many.  In her words, “My father was a man so evil; he used the isolation of the Yorkshire Moors to submit his family to misery and mental torture.”  She discovered a long-buried secret that shocked and saddened her, also destroying any fond feelings that she had for her mother.  A hard life, indeed; Doreen experienced homelessness at sixteen, a brush with danger, the Law and very nearly murder! She had to fight for her family over the years; a fight that she says, “nearly brought me to my knees.”  More recently was the sorrow that shattered her heart into a thousand pieces but eventually steered her into ‘calmer waters’.

However there are many moments of humour and snapshots of social history.  She explains why she had a deep hatred of school and people in authority.  The resilient and feisty child became a teenager looking for ‘love’s young dream’ and finding her first love, who kept a piece of her heart forever.  Relish the memories of New Year’s Eve in a small village north of the border during the sixties!  In Doreen’s words, “Buckle your seatbelts, it’s a rocky ride.”
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