Troels Jakobsen

Easier Faster Better – The Ultimate Guide to Creating and Launching Your Tech Startup

Have you ever thought about starting your own tech company? Have you had a revolutionary idea that you knew could be turned into a viable business but just didn’t know how to get it off the ground?
Well here is your answer! Easier Faster Better teaches you just how to do it.
Avoid those rookie mistakes by following this step-by-step guide, which will help build your ideas into your own empire. Easier Faster Better provides the tools and knowledge you need, guided by the personal experience of the well-established entrepreneur and tech advisor, Troels Jakobsen (aka TJ).
TJ, with a background in IT engineering, started his first web design company in 1997 and has since been building new businesses and advising dozens of other start-ups. Included in his extensive experience is: webmaster for HP, analyst for Hotels.com and working alongside Gwyneth Paltrow, turning her newsletter Goop into her own business.
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