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* Genre fiction accounted for 70% of all titles on Amazon bestseller lists in 2015
* Mystery/Crime/Thriller is the second highest selling genre for ebooks at 728.2 million in sales in 2015
* Mystery remains the most circulating genre in libraries with
* Western mysteries growing in popularity
* There has been a phenomenal rise in woman sleuths since 1980, with 360,000 titles featuring woman sleuths
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    A great story from a small community in Wyoming during winter. You really get attached to it's people and the brilliant description of the harsh nature and cold storms get under your skin too.
    I really enjoyed reading this story.

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    b1883100113membagikan kesan8 bulan yang lalu
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    Tracy stayed put,
    HIZEM Montassarmembuat kutipan3 tahun yang lalu

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