Jennie Brown,Nhan Nguyen

The Property Investing Formula: Millionaire Property Strategies for the Everyday Investor

Confused about property?
What if there was a simple formula for investment success that opened the doors to true wealth?
This book is written by real property investors who spill the beans on the actual steps you need to take in order to succeed in property investment.
Discover their success secrets and how to navigate the property market to achieve financial freedom through property.
With these experts on your side you'll never have to worry again. In fact, regardless of your age, income or risk profile, you'll learn simple strategies that work for you.
In this book you will learn how to;
• What property strategy is right for you, and why
• How to make smart profit by leveraging your time and money
• How to buy property for no money down
• The $1 property option technique that's legal
• How joint ventures can skyrocket profits
• How to make money no matter if the market is up or down
• How YOU can become an expert property investor
And a lot, lot more…

There can be no doubt that real estate has been the preferred wealth creation strategy for many Australians for many years, and for good reason. Property prices have boomed in all markets across the continent and even ordinary homeowners have seen the value of their family home skyrocket.

The vast majority, or 'ordinary' Australians have picked up on this hype surrounding the real estate market and formed the idea that this must be the holy grail of wealth creation. In fact, so exciting has all the talk been that many have deduced that they simply can't go wrong by taking the plunge and diving into the property real estate market as an investor.

Real estate is an investment. And it comes with risk. Prices rise, and prices fall. So it is vital that you educate yourself on what drives the various markets, form your own opinion, and invest accordingly.

This book is about giving you the information you need to ensure that you DO make money from your real estate investments. Furthermore, it is about introducing you to a number of different strategies you can use to invest in various markets.

Lastly, it is about giving you options and alternatives, whilst introducing you to the 'out of the box' thinking that successful property investors know about and use to their advantage.
Sensible real estate investors at the very least sit down and plan their approach. They know that there are better ways of minimising their risk.
Some buy books to learn what others have done, while others join investment groups, attend real estate and property investment seminars and workshops or subscribe to real estate magazines or online sites. You see, they know that the best tool they can have is knowledge.

Of course, real estate is such a huge subject that it takes years of dedication, perseverance and persistence to gather enough knowledge to really get to score big wins. Just becoming an expert in your local area is a big enough task without delving into fields like commercial, retail or industrial property. That's another story all together.
One of the first things you will discover if investing in real estate is new to you is that there are various strategies you can use to make money.
So where would you start?

The strategies we will explore in this book include;
Negative Gearing, Positive Cash flow, Buy & Hold, Property Renovation, Rent to buy, Strata and Community Title, Subdivision, Property Development, Retirement / Lifestyle Villages, Property Options, Leasehold Property, Property Wraps, Property Flips, Splitter Blocks, Student Accommodation, Holiday Accommodation, Commercial property, Off the plan properties, Property Auctions and Relocatable Homes.
Whether you are just starting out in property or real estate investment, want to pay off your mortgage, or are looking for tried and tested ways to make real money in property – this book is for you.
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