Don Matlock

How to Be a Successful Consultant

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Written in an easy-to-read style, this work is suitable for anyone who operates as a consultant. How to be a Successful Consultant contains strategies and techniques for increased success by focusing on key topics such as: self-promotion, communication, building credibility and building and maintaining relationships. If you have decided to become an independent consultant, you face two challenges: being good at what you do, and being good at bringing in the business. You might be a management consultant, an architect, a writer, a trainer, an engineer, a product-placement expert, a designer, a stylist, a musician, a financial advisor, a computer— systems analyst or something else, all occupations that require specific and different sets of skills. However in every case you need another set of skills, common to all, knowing how to seek, obtain and serve clients. Thats where this book comes in. Youll find strategies and techniques to help you be more successful in here. Its about planning, building, and maintaining relationships with your clients and prospects.
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