Annie Kagan

The Afterlife of Billy Fingers

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In 2004, "e;bad boy"e; Billy "e;Fingers"e; Cohen, a homeless small-time drug dealer and addict in a state of drug induced euphoria ran into a busy intersection and was killed instantly by a speeding automobile. He left behind a grieving sister, a successful songwriter and chiropractor. For weeks she struggled with grief and tried to make sense of Billy's seemingly wasted life and tragic death. And then, the unexpected happened. Billy began to communicate with her from the other side. His message to Annie, which she shares with us, is a message of hope and affirmation. Death is not the end, it is just the beginning. Death is not as serious as we think. The message is filled with love and hope and provides us with not only a glimpse of life after death, but also a roadmap for living more fully in the here and now. This is not a book by a professional psychic; rather it is a book by a sane and grounded artist that shares what she has learned about life's possibilities in the here and now. It is a book that will encourage readers to open themselves to spiritual transformation and embrace life in all of its myriad possibilities. This is a believable and well-written story. It is a real page-turner that gives both life and death a context that many will find refreshing and thought provoking.
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    VerY Inspiring And made me think to enjoy life to the fullest and review it on the heavenly hologram

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    The walkers between the worlds had important social
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    am was coming from the emergency room at South Miami Hospital. He was drunk and ran out onto the highway,” the sergeant reported.
    “Were you there?” I asked.
    “Yes, ma'am. I was called to the accident scene.”
    “Was Billy injured?” Injured? What am I thinking? He'd been run over by a car! “I mean, was he taken to the hospital?”
    “No, ma'am. Your brother never knew what hit him. Died instantly. Didn't suffer at all.”
    Died instantly? Didn't suffer? How on earth could he know that? The sergeant was trying to cushion the blow, but it wasn't working.

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