Godfree Roberts Ed.

Making Money In Thailand

«His wide-ranging knowledge of the expat community is evident from the real-world examples make this book authentic. Written with the charming immediacy of someone who is passionate about the lifestyle he has chosen and wants to make the advantages of living as an active retiree in the land of smiles available to others». – Superb Guide to Retirement in Thailand – By Ian D. Griffin:
Brilliant: retirement in Thailand and making money to boot!!! – By Nick Ash. «This is a great book to show you how easy it is to make money in Thailand through many well thought out and well described ideas. it is a second great book to read after reading his "how to retire in Thailand"
What to Do Before Coming to Thailand?
What it costs to live in Thailand?
How to get a work visa in Thailand?
Thailand's business pitfalls and opportunities?
What kinds of money-making opportunities are available?
How Thailand's business culture works. (Hint: not like ours).
How to export from Thailand?
What to export?
Fifteen Ways to Start a Thai Business?
What jobs are available in Thailand?
What to pack and what to leave behind?
Who you'll meet when you get here?
How to meet other entrepreneurs in Thailand?
Real Success Stories from Real People
How to interact with the bureaucracy?
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