Sharon Jurd

Extraordinary Women in Franchising

Take a closer look at this 144 billion dollar industry.
International author, speaker, franchisor, franchisee, business coach and growth specialist Sharon Jurd, joined by eight of her friends and colleagues, will give you astonishing insights into the lucrative world of franchising.
For the first time these highly successful women share the secrets that have transformed their lives and businesses. These amazing business owners will give you their individual success formulas and tell you how you can succeed in the most powerful industry sector on the planet.
You'll learn:
— Highly successful tips for effectively branding a franchise business
— When is the right time to franchise
— How to promote and sell your first franchises
— How to avoid the most common mistakes made by franchisors and franchisees
— The essential qualities and attributes of a successful franchise system
— Critical things you need to know before investing in a franchise
— The most important piece of advice when in business
Chris Taylor — Aussie Pooch Mobile
Francesca Webster — Brazilian Beauty
Janine Allis — Boost Juice
Lesley Gillespie — Bakers Delight
Pippa Hallas — Ella Bache
Rose Vis — VIP Home Services
Sarah Allen — Appliance Tagging Services
Tina Tower — Begin Bright
If you want to grow your business, read this book.
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