Karen Jett

Grow Your People, Grow Your Business

The Seeds of GreatnessTM I believe that every human being contains the seeds of greatness. This doesn't necessarily mean that everyone will grow up to become a CEO or President. It does mean that every person out there has the potential to become the best me they can possibly be.
When the seeds of greatness start to sprout, all kinds of wonderful things start to happen. As individuals begin to grow they start to do better work, they begin to do every task to the best of their ability which helps them to grow faster and stronger. Eventually they begin to flower and set fruit. They start to expand their abilities and knowledge and become better. And then just like vegetables need to cross pollinate in order to bear fruit, they begin to look at others and see how by helping them they can also help themselves.
While some seeds have the ability to grow wherever they land, usually the seeds for the most desired plants need to be planted correctly and then tended with loving care to get them to grow and produce fruit. As a manager of people, you have the opportunity to provide fertile soil, water, nutrients, and needed supports to help your people grow. And as they grow, you will grow also. Over time, they will nourish you as you have nourished them.
I believe that every human being contains the seeds of greatness. I love to farm people and help them to develop their greatness. If you would like to do the same, then this book is for you!
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