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3rd Compass to Europe's Innovative Chemical Companies

Since BCNP Consultants started the project in 2014 the numbers of companies in the Chemistry Compass are continuously growing. The European innovative landscape in Chemistry has a great potential and many innovative companies are founded every year. The goal of the Chemistry Compass is to find and locate all innovative companies in Europe, which contribute to the chemical value chain.

This year's 3rd Compass could raise the number of small and medium innovative enterprises up to a total number of 515, which is an increase of 114 % compared to the year before. With their products and services they all affect the chemical sector and its user industries. The variety of countries, in which the innovative companies are located, could also be increased by seven more countries. The new countries are Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Iceland, Lithuania and Turkey, summing up the total number of countries to 29.

Also in the 3rd Compass Israel is considered to be a part of Europe. With 9 innovative companies the innovative landscape of this year's Chemical Compass is more than twice as big as before. The higher number of innovative companies also proves that the financial support of high-tech growth companies in Israel works out quite well. That is why the research in this particular region will continue with the perspective of another increase in numbers for the next edition.
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