Sarah Brown

Power to the Startup People

In today's tech startup world, career paths are nonlinear. Startup founders may become worth millions before their mid-twenties. Employees live through Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) that dramatically change our lives and skyrocket our careers. On the flip side, some of us invest our best working years at startups that suddenly shutter. By some estimates, nearly 90% startups will end in failure. A startup career can be rewarding but it can also be challenging and often confusing.

While a ton of proverbial ink has been spilled about how to “crush it” as a founder or startup leader, there's very little in the way of guidance for how we employees can hack our own careers. In this engaging book, get the tools and tips to navigate the world of tech startups and make better decisions about your career along the way. Get practical advice on topics including how to ask for a promotion and raise, level up in your career, manage your boss, navigate startup failure (and success!), and more.

After reading this book, you'll know the answers to the following questions:

How will I know if I should try working at a startup?

How will I know if the startup I've chosen is the “right” one?

How much does my title matter?

How do I balance startup life with “life” life?

At what point should I ask for a promotion, and if I don't receive it, when should I move
on in order to be at a higher status and stay competitive in your field?

Power to the startup people!
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