Pelin Narin Tekinsoy

Money Coaching

This book is mostly about going beyond the ordinary.
There are usually mathematical calculations as well as tips on how to earn money, and what to invest in, in financial coaching books. This particular book, however, doesn't promise its reader any money investment tool tips, nor does it give you advice.
Instead, it presents itself to you as a whole filled with experience, in a rather DIFFERENT way.
You may ask how that is going to happen.
Sometimes you expect people to respond to you with clarity in any subject. All you want is someone to answer with transparency. So when you’re holding this book in your hands, whilst no one is around you, are you looking for an answer? Think about the subject or the question you want to solve, right at this exact moment. Ask your question about the situation you want an answer to in such simplicity even a child can understand. If possible, repeat the question with the same sentences several times, just to make sure that the question you asked is correct. Then, leaf through any page of the book! The book will help you find the answer. Whoever we played this game in the writing stage of this book, almost everyone found an answer to their question regardless of their age, or gender; whether they’re an employer or an employee. (If you can not find an answer to your question, you can reach the author directly.)
This book is far beyond the usual personal development books. It explains its arguments through the support of history, physics, religion studies, mathematics, and health sciences. Understanding the entire book and thus constructing ideas will be in correlation with being familiar with these sciences.

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