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EDEAS8k?M carefully selects in this document the maritime market analysis that has been created by its representative Jose María Candina over the last four years, highlighting those that have received the most impact from their attentive readers in the networks, where some of their analyzes have reached more than 22 thousand visits.

We believe that compiling all this analysis and presenting it as a yearbook of ideas is necessary since we think it can be useful to understand more deeply one of the most important economic sectors in the world, such as the maritime world, which Today offers 1,5 M of direct jobs, 5 M of indirect Jobs, 36kM€ direct wages, indirect 5 times more, and if preoccupied by the future, shore jobs are not leaving away experienced seafarers, and the sea is not going to evaporate today.

Through its in-depth analysis of its global presence with offices in more than ten countries around the world such as Spain, Morocco, Chile, Baltic, Peru, Romania, Honduras, Indonesia, Ukraine, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Panamá and recently Singapore has made JM Candina a privileged partner, located in the front row, able to take into account the special characteristics of the market, its personnel, its legal, technical, logistical, trade and production aspects and, of course, its Geographical areas of commerce, with the intention of offering a global vision of what is trade in the maritime market, and its concentration and dispersion of fleets.
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