Jane Anderson

Jane Anderson was one of several pseudonyms used by Jane Ellen Jamison, born on 27 December 1926 in Los Angeles, California, USA, daughter of Frances (Crooks) and James K. Jamison. She passed away on March 5, 2014 at the age of 87 in Ontonagon County, MI. She continued writing and publishing up until the final year of her life. Jane Ellen published numerous books, both in paper and electronic format, as well as some articles. She used a form of her maiden name, Ellen Jamison, and probably most famously her married name: Jane Toombs. She also used other pseudonyms: Olivia Sumner, and Jane Anderson. She also wrote as Diana Stuart in collaboration with Dee Stuart, and under the collective pseudonyms: Rebecca Drury and Lee Davis Willoughby . Her writing covered various romance genres such as gothic, suspense, contemporary, historical, paranormal, mystery, fantasy and horror.Jane was a member of a closed twelve author group of authors designed to promote each other called Jewels Of The Quill, where she's Dame Turquoise and has her own page at the site: Jewels of the Quill. This group has won many awards: In 2006, Best Anthology: Tales From the Treasure Trove Vol. I , a Jewels of The Quill anthology with multiple authors. (The Turquoise Mask.) And again in 2008 the JOTQ won Best Anthology with Tales From The Treasure Trove Vol.III (The Turquoise Talisman) and we won Best Anthology once more in 2010 with A Valentine's Day Anthology, Magical Kisses. (The Third Kiss).Jane was also a charter member of Romance Writers of America and belonged to several of their chapters. Because Jane wrote for Harlequin for many years and they sell foreign rights, she has books published in many foreign countries in their languages. Besides Harlequin, she wrote for other New York publishers in the past, but in the last years of her life concentrated on writing only for electronic publishing companiesPersonal History: When she was nine months old, her parents, both teachers, took her to Michigan's Upper Peninsula, where she grew up most of her childhood. Her father played a key role in encouraging her as a writer, who was, himself, a history writer. She attended Michigan State University, College of the Sequoias and Northern Michigan University. She has been a registered nurse as well as a Cadet Nurse during WWII.On 24 June 1949, she married Doctor Albert Jenke, became a housewife and had five children: James, Ellen, Ann, Bobbie Jane, and Robert. Years later, she found time to write, but her husband told her it was trash. Despite this, she persisted until he finally gave her an ultimatum–writing or him. The divorce left her with all the kids except the eldest, who was in med school, and having to work as an R.N..When she met fellow author John Toombs in the writing class that led to her first sale, she was not contemplating marrying again. But she did on 2 March 1972, adding to the mix two stepchildren: Michael and Leslie.
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