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    This means we “act” without allowing ourselves to fully feel, express, and most importantly, see what they are trying to teach us
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    Write down as many details about this example or situation as you can. Don’t censor yourself. Write down what your mother did or didn’t do; what your mother should have done; what she shouldn’t have done; how your life would have been different if it had or hadn’t happened. Write it all down. Get the whole thing out of your head.
    Pare it down to the bare facts, with no opinion or judgment placed on it. It might look like this: My mother said __________.
    Ask yourself what you made it mean about you and write it down.
    When you think about what you wrote in step 3, how do you feel?
    Now list the things you do (or don’t do) when you feel that way. In other words, how do you show up in the world when you feel that way?
    Describe what your life looks like as a result.
    Sum up your story as briefly as you
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    can. You’ll end up with something like this:
    My mother said ___________. I made it mean that I am ____________. There’s a part of me that feels _____________ because _______________. And when I think about that I feel _____________. And when I feel that way I _________________. As a result, I ______________.
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    Something to practice: Forgive yourself for the things you told yourself about yourself that aren’t really true about you. Imagine what it would feel like to let that story go!
    From here, you can
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    What was considered normal and okay in past generations (using fear, shame, authoritarianism, punishment, “should-ing,” control, binary ways of thinking, and physical violence as parenting tools, not to mention the disallowance of being able to feel and express emotion) is now known to be abusive and traumatic.
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