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    Willpower is a habit that is vital for success and can be learned. Additionally, willpower can be depleted by exertion and it can be strengthened with specific projection or plans for obstacles that might appear along the way
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    Everyone falls. People need to learn to rise again in a way that transforms them into more wholehearted people.
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    Appearances are vital to the powerful, so they should never attract envy or step into the role of another great person.
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    It wasn’t until the fifteenth century that manuscripts from ancient Rome detailing concrete production were rediscovered.
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    System 1 is very good at building the best possible int
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    No habit can be erased entirely.
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    The habit, stored in the basal ganglia for neural efficiency, is the result of a loop comprised of three parts.
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    Individuals who have successfully changed major habits have changed the operation of their own brains.
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    Unlike the other discussed habits, will power is the only one described with this muscle-like metaphor.
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    Organizational habits, or routines, describe the ecosystem formed when individuals develop habits to learn how to work together with the least amount of resistance.
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