Kyle Dietrich

Kyle Dietrich has 25+ years of experience in sales and marketing, sales leadership, operations management, and leadership development. He has operated and produced exceptional results individually, and via his teams in some of the best of financial times and in some of the worst financial times in recent history. Through his experiences in the very competitive finance sector, he has built a winning recipe for success that has been applied in practice. Meaning Kyle does not operate in theory, he has been in the trenches in some of the most competitive intensive industries, and found ways to build high achievers through a consistent process involving personal accountability, and defined execution that consistently garners results at a very high level.
Kyle resides in the Los Angeles area, near the beautiful CA coastline with his fiancé' and teenage son. He continues to successfully operate as a Sr. Executive in the business world with a multibillion dollar company, while writing and speaking in his spare time.


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