El Ninjo

El Ninjo: El Ninjo, the bottom burping puppy, is not only the author, but he is also the star character of a series called the fart book. He has given young and old a platform to LOL when it comes to the embarrassing subject of farts because he not only shows the fun aspect of it, but reminds his readers that farts also have a very healthy aspect and do benefit the farter. Kids also love to learn from the funny & farty puppy El Ninjo about manners & etiquette because there is no better way of learning about these social concepts than the El Ninjo way! Timmie Guzzmann: Inside Timmie's humorous animal poetry book, kids will laugh out loud because they are going to discover the most jerky moments of their life. Let yourself be wowed and dive into a totally new genre of animal jerkiness because you won't believe how these jerks are acting when they think nobody is watching.
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