Roger Doumanian

Roger Doumanian is a forward-thinking entrepreneur. His experience in law,
business, leadership, and marketing have made him highly sought after as a
coach, speaker, advisor, and trainer in the world of business.

His distinguished career includes roles as an accomplished Business
Attorney in private practice, Certified Business Coach, and influential Public
Speaker with The Roger Doumanian Corporation and The John Maxwell
Team. His past careers include executive positions in marketing, technology,
and entertainment.

Roger is recognized for his commitment to educate, empower, and inspire
people to be the best version of themselves. He has been a trusted advisor
to senior-level executives, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and church
leaders nationwide. His extensive background spans a wide spectrum of
business services, including:

 Business and Corporate Law
 Business Management and Development
 Marketing and Digital Advertising
 Business Coaching and Mentoring
 Leadership and Communication Training
 Public Speaking and Seminars

Roger's career is dedicated to helping business owners establish their
businesses on a solid foundation - one built on bedrock. He works closely
with business owners using his unique coaching program to help them build
companies that are independent of a fluctuating economy.

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